Update Regarding Promotions – 2016

Dear valued customers,

At this time, Transcorp Canada Worldwide Shipping has no promotions.

Please check back periodically for new and exciting promotions.

Thank you,

Transcorp Team

Happy Holidays!

Transcorp 2014 Holiday Card

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

***Holiday Hours***
Dec 24th, 2014 – 9 AM – 12 PM [Half Day]
Dec 25th, 2014 – Closed.
Dec 26th, 2014 – Closed.
Dec 31st, 2014 – 9 AM – 12 PM [Half Day]
Jan 01st, 2015 – Closed.

***All other days we are open Monday – Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM.***

Personal Shipments to Sri Lanka – Promotion Months

October 1st – October 31st - Winter Holidays

February – 2 Weeks Only – Sri Lankan New Year

NOTE: Boxes ordered within and picked up within these time frames are only subject to promotions. Boxes ordered before or after these time frames are not subject to promotions. Please take this into consideration when sending your boxes to Sri Lanka. Promotional box offers are only for boxes that are to be picked up in the Wattala warehouse.

Promotional Offer Details

As many of our long time customers know, for personal shipments time to time we offer promotions. This is to notify all shippers that the rules surrounding personal shipments have now changed ever since our move to our new locations in North York.

For promotions, we now have specified time frames in which the shipments are valid. For example; if a promotion begins in June 1st and is to end in August 31st. That is the time frame in which the promotion is valid until. If you get the boxes before or after the promotion then you do not get the promotional offer. This is because the promotion is for customers who have ordered within the allotted time frames.

Please keep this in mind when sending.

Thank you,

Transcorp Team

Deposit Policy

We now charge a deposit of $20/box. Our driver will provide you with a receipt you must present at the time of pick-up to reduce the amount you deposited at the time of pick up. If not presented then paid amount will not be reduced.